Boys Will Be Boys

Bush Hall, London (*** for play/**** for production)

© Helen Murray. Provocative...

© Helen Murray. Provocative…

Melissa Bubnic’s fierce denunciation of the City and its financial practises makes for uncomfortable viewing if you’re a woman. To survive, `you whore’, says her anti-heroine, Astrid Wentworth bluntly. `You do whatever it takes to make clients like you.’ Continue reading

A very British moment, part 2

In May it was Milliband, Clegg and Cameron at the Cenotaph for VE day (see previous blog).

Six months later, how things change – and stay the same. Who are those two frowning in the background? Why, none other than T.Blair and whatwashisname, oh yes, J.Major, Former PMs.

And looking the other way, our very own J.Corbyn and `Dave’ Cameron.

Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron

La Musica

Maria Studio, Young Vic Theatre, London (****)

© David Sandison

© David Sandison


In her lifetime, the French writer, Marguerite Duras was a literary titan, famous for her novels, plays (the RSC produced at least two of her works, Days in the Trees with Peggy Ashcroft, 1966 and Suzanna Andler,1973) and screenplays (Alain Renais’ luminous 1959 film, Hiroshima Mon Amour). Continue reading

Nell Gwynn

Shakespeare’s Globe, London (****)

copy; Tristram Kenton

copy; Tristram Kenton

It’s hard to over-state the pleasure that is the Globe’s final production of their 2015 summer season and Dominic Dromgoole’s last as artistic director. Next year, Emma Rice, formerly of Kneehigh, takes over the reins. Continue reading