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Soho Theatre, London (****)

© Helen Maybanks, James Clyde as `smoothie' Miles, Amy Morgan (Dee)

© Helen Maybanks, James Clyde as `smoothie’ Miles, Amy Morgan (Dee)

If there was such a thing as `chick-lit’ in theatre, this would be the nearest thing to it.

But that would neither be respectful nor entirely accurate. The phenomenon that has become Vicky Jones, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and the company they formed, DryWrite, carries far greater weight than that slightly disreputable moniker would suggest. Continue reading


Theatre503, London (****)

© Oliver King

© Oliver King

If anyone thinks growing up a young woman in Britain in the 21st century is a breeze, you’ve only to go a couple of times to Theatre503 to be bitterly disillusioned. In the last couple of years, Theatre503 have premiered a trio of plays (and counting) by young women playwrights who are taking a devastating microscope to the lives and pressures to which young women are now subject. Continue reading