Extraordinary Bodies – Weighting

Extraordinary Bodies

Hats off to Southwark putting money where their mouth is with Extraordinary Bodies, a multi-skilled circus in the park combining aerobatics, music, a mass community choir of 180, led by Graeae veteran, Jamie Ballard, with thumping music led by John Kelly (composers Dom Coyote and Ted Barnes), and script from Hattie Naylor.

They flew, they twirled, and when Jamie, who has cerebral palsy, flew, we stomped and cheered. Community arts at its best. Inclusive, inspiring.

The only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Reach beyond, was Naylor’s message. Well, why not? Something at least to counteract the dismal events of the past 48 hours and prospects of an even harsher Britain in the near future.

Cheers. Oh, and a plug for partners. Extraordinary Bodies is a partnership between Diverse City and Cirque Bijou. Extra support comes from the Arts Council, the Esmee Fairbairn and the Clore Duffield foundations and trusts. Cheers to them, too.

Public and private.