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The People’s Palace

BBC4 – Sunday, November 23 at 10pm. Arena. p04cqk2n[1]

Terrific documentary and account of the Roundhouse at 50, it’s beginnings as Arnold Wesker’s brainchild as Centre42 and its evolution into the Rock and counter culture venue in the 1960s and ’70s and later radical theatre stagings.

Director Anthony Wall done a great job pulling together archival footage and latter day interviews with current Artistic Director, Marcus Davey.

Warmly recommended.

Also my own time working at the RH circa 1972 recorded as oral history on their website. Memories working at RH



A Time There Was

A story of rock art, bees and Bushmen 

pub by Northern Bee Books, Hebden Bridge

by LUKE DIXON, theatre director, bee-keeper and writer extraordinaire.

Luke’s latest,  a beguiling tale, as the jacket says, on rock art, bees and southern African hunter-gatherers, the Bushmen.

Warmly recommended, full of drawings and stories that, converted into short theatre pieces for young audiences, would keep them enthralled and amazed.

A Time There WasA Time There Was

Ailien’s Halloween bash in Burgess Park

(’s  Halloween bash in Burgess Park. Fairy lights, ghoul balloons and brilliant night-glo neck-rings (to ward off evil falls and sprains in the dark). Plus Ailien’s chilli con carne and chilli con veggie stew made it an evening to remember. Gorgeous, mad and hopefully to be repeated. Thanks one and all.Ailien's Halloween bashthe one and only Matty!

Halloween bash in Burgess Park, Oct 2015Ailien's Halloweeen bash

random thoughts on a sept afternoon

Beautiful sunny September afternoon, early autumn.

A break from bringing this website up-to-date leaves me wandering to Sainsbury’s to do shome shopping; then a quick 15mins in The Fox garden with a lager and lime and meditating on this and that. Mortality. How short life is (cliché), sparked by a lot of recent deaths of friends’ relatives and by a rather wonderful and surprising evening, Inspiring Speakers programme run by Ginger training courses, with an end-of-course Gala evening, supporting a friend, Angie Macdonald, who talked inspirationally about ageing. Even more so, Klaus-Dieter Rossade talked about learning to love the sound of language – that is, any language, language you don’t understand, language that crowds in on you (in a pub), in a club… Continue reading