Beyond Caring

There’s nothing much good to be said about Zero contract hours except for the flexibility it gives employers. The papers have been full of the pressure and uncertainty under which it puts employees. Now comes Beyond Caring which shows its deployment as not much more than a modern form of slavery.

If theatre is about anything, it should be about things coming up from the grass-roots, from voices that seldom get heard, from the powerless and forgotten.

Alexander Zeldin’s Beyond Caring, devised by the company and through research with

New theatre venues keep appearing all the time and The Yard is yet another, to be found in run-down part of east London that was forgotten in the rush to smarten up Stratford in 2012 in time for the Olympics.

The Yard is just that, a huddle of buildings and now a theatre space with café and an enthusiastic team led by enterprising and up-and-coming young director Jay Miller.

Miller’s policy has been to encourage and develop emerging young writers, directors and artists seeking to find a foothold with work that is risk-taking and original. It’s already borne fruit with awards recognising their innovative approach. Beyond Caring is their first commissioned piece, a story that highlights the issue currently a hot topic.