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The Great Game

Tricycle Theatre, London

What more is there left to say about Nick Kent and the Tricycle Theatre? Having blazed a trail over the past decade with his tribunal stagings and support for black British, American and South African theatre, Nick Kent has now devised a mammoth festival around the subject of Afghanistan that is simply gobsmacking in its scope and reach. Continue reading

Topless Mum

Tricycle Theatre, London

Ron Hutchinson has been fighting the British establishment a long time now. Topless Mum, his latest, about press cynicism and manipulation is, however, quite reminiscent of an earlier play, Rat in the Skull (1984) in which he pitted the ideologies of a Protestant RUC officer and a Catholic terrorist suspect against each other. A fierce dialectical debate, it showed Hutchinson’s remarkable ability to get inside the head of both protagonists and the singular symbiosis of their relationship. Continue reading

Vera, Vera, Vera

Bussey Building, Peckham, London

The Royal Court’s residency in Peckham just gets better and better. Last month it was local girl making good with Bola Agbaje’s Belong. Hayley Squires’ Vera Vera Vera, just transferred from the Court’s home base in Sloane Square goes one step further. As a debut play, it’s an absolute cracker, a taut one hour long exploration of social violence: violence of language, violence of relationships and underpinning it all, the demythologising of our instant dubbing of any soldier who dies in battle as a `war hero’. Continue reading