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random thoughts on a sept afternoon

Beautiful sunny September afternoon, early autumn.

A break from bringing this website up-to-date leaves me wandering to Sainsbury’s to do shome shopping; then a quick 15mins in The Fox garden with a lager and lime and meditating on this and that. Mortality. How short life is (cliché), sparked by a lot of recent deaths of friends’ relatives and by a rather wonderful and surprising evening, Inspiring Speakers programme run by Ginger training courses, with an end-of-course Gala evening, supporting a friend, Angie Macdonald, who talked inspirationally about ageing. Even more so, Klaus-Dieter Rossade talked about learning to love the sound of language – that is, any language, language you don’t understand, language that crowds in on you (in a pub), in a club… Continue reading

Photograph 51

Noel Coward Theatre, London


© Johan Persson

© Johan Persson

For too long, Rosalind Franklin has been the forgotten, `dark lady of DNA’, written out of history by those craftier, keener eggheads, Francis Crick and James Watson. Anna Ziegler’s new play restores Franklin to the limelight with a bio-pic drama that nicely balances the toughness and impenetrability of her personality with the sexism and prejudice of the scientific world of research which then, as now, surrounded her. Women and science are still, it seems, seen as barely compatible. Continue reading