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The Maids

Trafalgar Studios, London (****)

© Marc Brenner, Laura Carmichael , Uzo Aduba

© Marc Brenner, Laura Carmichael , Uzo Aduba

With The Maids, Jean Genet set his seal as one of the most iconic playwrights of the 20th century. With its hallucinatory text and gender-swopping transformations, The Maids also became a forerunner of the extraordinary phenomenon of `drag’, so influential culturally over the past half century. Continue reading

A Street Car Named Desire

Young Vic Theatre,

Celebrity casting has its merits. But it has its drawbacks too. The great bonus of Benedict Andrews’ visceral new staging with X-Factor’s Gillian Anderson is that although the spotlight inevitably falls on her – she is after all on stage for nearly the whole duration of the play’s three hours – this is par excellence a company show, an ensemble tour de force.
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