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Home Truths

Bunker Theatre, London (****)  HOME TRUTHS  RUNS AT THE BUNKER THEATRE 17 APRIL TO  13 MAY (2).

Cardboard Citizens are a remarkable success story, especially dealing as they do with those at the sharp end of society, the ones who have fallen through the cracks. For 25 years, Adrian Jackson, CC’s founding father has pioneered theatre that will not let us forget what it is like to be homeless, to have lost everything including your dignity and identity. Continue reading


Canada Water Culture Space, London (****)

© Richard Lakos

© Richard Lakos

What an amazing outfit Cardboard Citizens continues to be. Not content with empowering young homeless people by engaging them with their Act Now programme, their Forum theatre uniquely puts the participation back into `audience participation’. So many companies pay lip service to the idea but CC put their money where their mouth is. Continue reading