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I Am Thomas

Wilton’s Music Hall, London (****)

© Manuel Harlan, Iain Johnston (performier & musical director)

© Manuel Harlan,
Iain Johnston (performier & musical director)

Two facts coincide in Told by an Idiot’s I am Thomas. In 1697 Thomas Aikenhead, a young Edinburgh student was hanged, the last man in Britain to be executed for blasphemy. And in January last year, the slogan `je suis Charlie’ appeared on Twitter after the killing of twelve journalists at the office of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. `Je suis Charlie’ became the rallying cry for freedom of speech. Continue reading

Time of Women, part of Staging a Revolution festival

Maria Studio, Young Vic Theatre, London (****)

© Nicolai Khalezin

© Nicolai Khalezin

Theatre can be a fantastic teacher. It’s hard for British theatre audiences to comprehend the sacrifices made by artists, writers and practitioners in the name of free speech and artistic expression. Continue reading