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The Tempest

Donmar Warehouse at King’s Cross, London (****)

© Helen Maybanks, Harriet Walter as Prospero

© Helen Maybanks, Harriet Walter as Prospero

It’s hard to over-estimate the impact of Phyllida Lloyd’s Shakespeare Trilogy in its environmentally immersive aluminium shed by King’s Cross. As the programme notes eloquently point out, because of the place Shakespeare holds in our culture, we’ve been lulled into a false perspective of our society, given the disparity in the overall number of roles for women the plays reflect. Continue reading

Death of a Salesman

Noel Coward Theatre, London

© Ellie Kurtz

© Ellie Kurttz

Willy Loman is to 20th century drama what Lear is to classical theatre. A titanic figure, he’s one of Arthur Miller’s greatest tragic creations. An achingly desolate symbol of the American dream gone sour, he stands, like Lear, as one of the summits of an actor’s career. The little man who has given his all to a system that has ground him down, it’s a part that demands an enormous journey, like Lear, of the actor who takes him on. Continue reading