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Soho Theatre, London (****)

© Creative Nation, Yvette  Boakye (Ruhab)

© Creative Nation, Yvette Boakye (Ruhab)

Theresa Ikoko’s debut play has already been lauded, first at the HighTide Festival where it launched this year but even before that, awarded the Alfred Fagon (2015) and George Devine (2016) awards. Continue reading

Aldeburgh HighTide Festival blog


Aldeburgh HighTide Festival, Sept 2015HighTide Festival 2015

Hadn’t been to Aldeburgh in years. Having tried out the Festival last year at its previous haunt in Halesworth, was anxious to go again. Quality of the work last year was so high and anyway, who wouldn’t want an opportunity to go to Aldeburgh?! Further excuse came in the shape of dear swimming friend, Judy, who has a house not far away, near Southwold. and was generous enough to offer it as a weekend stay. Gorgeous it is too. Thanks for some splendid hospitality – as indeed was served out to us by HighTide’s PR in the shape of the inimical Borkowski agency. Thanks to them!Aldeburgh Sept 2015Aldeburgh Sept 2015

Below, some general pix of my three companions, Judy, Jess and Yvonne, Aldeburgh beach (again!) and despite thunderous weather forecast for the next day, Sunday, enjoying blue skies along the beach at Southwold along with other hearties from the great British public. Judy, ever bold, nothing daunted, even enjoyed a dip afterwards declaring it one of the best of the year. I wished I’d been braver. Brought my cossie, just in case, but cried off at the last moment. what a wimp!Aldeburgh Sept 2015Aldeburgh Sept 2015

Southwold seaside, like so many south of England beaches a throw-back in time; deck chairs, beach huts, a stroll along the pier, fish ‘n chips.  The travails of modern life slip away…

The prom at Southwold, Sept 2015

HighTide Festival

Aldeburgh, Suffolk

****HighTide at Aldeburgh

This, my second visit to the influential HighTide festival (now in its 9th year) saw it settled into a new home in the small, beautiful Suffolk seaside town of Aldeburgh. More usually associated with Benjamin Britten and the music festival he helped launch with partner, Peter Pears I’ve no doubt future years will see it as associated with HighTide, its drama equivalent. It offers so much for a theatre festival with an array of venues if, strangely, less sympathetic to the spoken words than HighTide’s previous home in Halesworth.HighTide Festival in Aldeburgh, Sept 2015HighTide Festival at Aldeburgh Continue reading