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Shakespeare’s Globe, London ***

© Simon Anand, Andre Holland as Othello, Jessica Warbeck, Desdemona

Review by Carole Woddis of performance seen Aug 1, 2018:

Shakespeare took a particular delight, it seems to me, in investigating great men who by an intrinsic fault in their personality bring about their own downfall: Coriolanus and the bond with his mother; Macbeth’s relationship with his wife and his over-weaning ambition coupled with a surprisingly lively conscience. And Othello, a man who `loved not wisely but too well’, whose love, stirred up by the impatient and resentful NCO, Iago, brings about his own downfall. Continue reading

Girls & Boys

Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London ****

© Marc Brenner, Carey Mulligan coolly describing terrible things...

© Marc Brenner, Carey Mulligan, sensational as raconteur, coolly describing terrible things…

The thing about Dennis Kelly is he likes to leave audiences with a moral question mark. Not for him easy platitudes. Or neat little conclusions. No wonder you’ll find him listed, amongst his credits, as author of the `book’ for Matilda the musical and the tv thriller, Utopia (also the comedy series, Pulling, on Netflix). Continue reading