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The Tragedy of King Richard the Second

Almeida Theatre, London ***
Runs: 1hr 40mins without interval

© Marc Brenner, Simon Russell Beale. Richard II, down and out...

© Marc Brenner, Simon Russell Beale. Richard II, down and out…

TICKETS 020 7359 4404 (24 hours)
In person: 10am-7.30pm (Mon-Sat)
On-line: www.almeida.co.uk

Review by Carole Woddis of performance seen Jan 2, 2019:

Much as I admire Rupert Goold, I have to admit that if it weren’t for Simon Russell Beale, I’m not sure I’d have stayed the course with Joe Hill-Gibbins latest excursion into Shakespeare. Continue reading

Measure for Measure

Young Vic Theatre, London (***)

© Keith Pattison

© Keith Pattison


David Lan’s Young Vic seems to be going through a particular period of radicalism at present. After Richard Jones’ eye-popping The Trial comes Joe Hill-Gibbins’s bold, iconoclastic Measure for Measure, smashing memory of any previous recent versions. This is definitely a Measure for today, full of post-modern absurdity, bleak, barbed, unforgiving. Continue reading