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Topless Mum

Tricycle Theatre, London

Ron Hutchinson has been fighting the British establishment a long time now. Topless Mum, his latest, about press cynicism and manipulation is, however, quite reminiscent of an earlier play, Rat in the Skull (1984) in which he pitted the ideologies of a Protestant RUC officer and a Catholic terrorist suspect against each other. A fierce dialectical debate, it showed Hutchinson’s remarkable ability to get inside the head of both protagonists and the singular symbiosis of their relationship. Continue reading

Image of an Unknown Young Woman

Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, London

© Iona Firouzabadi

© Iona Firouzabadi

Did Elinor Cook have in mind that famous iconic picture of the little Vietnamese girl screaming in the road when she entitled her latest play, Image of an Unknown Young Woman kicking off Christopher Haydon’s intriguing new Gate season of Icons and Idols. Huynh Cong “Nick” Ut’s photo that went round the world came to symbolise the horror of the Vietnam war for a generation and beyond. Continue reading