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The Meeting

Minerva, Chichester Theatre, East Sussex ****

© Helen Maybanks, Lydia Leonard (Rachel), Gerald Kyd (Adam)

© Helen Maybanks, Lydia Leonard (Rachel), Gerald Kyd (Adam)

It opens at a Quaker meeting, a circle of people, being silent, waiting for the spirit to move in them to speak. At the end, there is a catalystic moment when one of their number does indeed speak.  Continue reading


Minerva, Chichester Festival Theatre (****)

© Johan Persson, the workers' debate

© Johan Persson, the workers’ debate

Jonathan Church is certainly going out with a bang. In this his swan song season, one success keeps following another. Over the ten years Church and his Executive Director Alan Finch have been in charge, it’s not just the choices they have made but the consistent quality of the productions that has been so remarkable. Continue reading