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The Incident Room

New Diorama, London ****
Runs: 2hrs 25 mins with 20 min interval.
TICKETS : 0207 383 9034
Review of perf seen Feb 26, 2020:

© The Other Richard, Charlotte Melia, as Megan Winterburn, modest, hard-working, cigarette smoking police Sergeant, a witness to five harrowing years…

The Yorkshire Ripper. Leeds 1975. Anyone reading those words might be forgiven for feeling a shiver down the spine. Notoriety comes in multifarious ways. For some it comes through misdeeds. For Peter Sutcliffe it certainly brought a particular form of `celebrity’. Continue reading


New Diorama, London (****) – seen March 24, 2017

Cast of Narvik with Joe Shipman as Jim

© Décor Media, Cast of Narvik with Joe Shipman as Jim

A man falls to the ground, seriously injured. As he falls, ghosts of the past and his life swim before him.  Continue reading

Down & Out in Paris and London

New Diorama (****)

© Richard Davenport, the cast in hotel kitchen scene

© Richard Davenport, the cast in hotel kitchen scene

Today it might be termed poverty tourism, but when George Orwell moved to Paris in the late 1920s and subsequently wrote his memoir of living below the breadline, it was with serious intent. Continue reading

Shooting with Light

New Diorama, London

© Richard Davenport

© Richard Davenport

It’s an old story with a new twist. Everyone has heard of Robert Capa and his Spanish Civil War photos. Less if nothing is known except to the cognoscenti – and maybe not even they until a few years ago – about the woman alongside him, who helped him break into photojournalism and joined him in Spain. Continue reading