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The Alchemist

RSC Barbican Theatre, London (****)

© Helen Maybanks, Mark Lockyer as 1the alchemist', Subtle

© Helen Maybanks, Mark Lockyer as the `alchemist’, Subtle

It’s one of the abiding marks of our age, the con. Whether it’s flashy as in The Hustle, aspirational as in the Lottery, or sophisticated as in The Sting, the con runs through our lives. At any one moment, we’re only a hair’s breadth away from being taken for a ride. These days, it’s more likely to be an online or phone scam offering thousands of pounds at the press of a button or a computer to be saved from a terminal virus or even secondary glazing! Continue reading

Three Days in the Country

Lyttelton, National Theatre

© Mark Douet

© Mark Douet

Turgenev’s A Month in the Country has certainly been through the mill with numerous `adaptations’ and a famously lush ballet choreographed in the 1970s by Sir Frederick Ashton starring the extraordinary and unique Lynn Seymour with Anthony Dowell. Dorothy Tutin also made the part of Natalya, the restless, unhappy wife of a rich Russian landowner who falls for her son’s tutor, incomparably her own, also in the Seventies. Continue reading