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random thoughts on a sept afternoon

Beautiful sunny September afternoon, early autumn.

A break from bringing this website up-to-date¬†leaves me wandering to Sainsbury’s to do shome shopping; then a quick 15mins in The Fox garden with a lager and lime and meditating on this and that. Mortality. How short life is (clich√©), sparked by a lot of recent deaths of friends’ relatives and by a rather wonderful and surprising evening, Inspiring Speakers programme run by Ginger training courses, with an end-of-course Gala evening, supporting a friend, Angie Macdonald, who talked inspirationally about ageing. Even more so, Klaus-Dieter Rossade talked about learning to love the sound of language – that is, any language, language you don’t understand, language that crowds in on you (in a pub), in a club… Continue reading