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The Maria, Young Vic, London


© Simon Annand

Mike Bartlett has a habit of showing human behaviour as people pitted against each others as though in a boxing or bull ring (Cock, My Child). It makes for shuddering if compulsive theatre. He can also pen the expansive such as the sprawling Earthquakes in London or the hilarious fantasy on a theme of our next and future monarch, King Charles III. Continue reading

A Street Car Named Desire

Young Vic Theatre,

Celebrity casting has its merits. But it has its drawbacks too. The great bonus of Benedict Andrews’ visceral new staging with X-Factor’s Gillian Anderson is that although the spotlight inevitably falls on her – she is after all on stage for nearly the whole duration of the play’s three hours – this is par excellence a company show, an ensemble tour de force.
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A View From the Bridge/Oh My Sweet Land

© Alastair Muir

© Alastair Muir

Young Vic Theatre, London

Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge and Amir Nizar Zuabi’s Oh My Sweet Land may have little in common thematically. What do they share however is both being currently on show at the Young Vic, a theatre, under David Lan, whose quality of work seldom drops below excellent or intriguing and whose vibrancy you can feel immediately you walk in whether it’s just to have a drink or sample the evening’s artistic or gastronomic wares. Continue reading